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Snapchat for Android-iOS


Offerby: Snap Inc

Some infomations of Snapchat:
Life's more fun when you live in the moment :) Happy Snapping!

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Please note: Snapchatters can always capture or save your messages, such as by taking a screenshot or using a camera. Be mindful of what you Snap!
Snapchat Snapchat Snapchat Snapchat Snapchat

All informations of Snapchat App
Name Google Play Store iTunes Store
Version: Varies with device
Total Ratings: 11,694,377 318,608
Star/score: 4 2.5
Size: Varies with device 181MB
Price: Free Free
Require: 4.1 8.0
Contenrating: Teen 12
Download URL: Snapchat Apk Download Snapchat for iOS


It's Snapchat. It's legendary.
This app works because everyone has it. In hindsight it might not be the most impressive messaging system, but it's holding up thousands of user accounts. Here's the basic idea: as long as you have internet access, you can take a picture with your phone and send it to your friends and family who also have Snapchat. If you'd like, there is a a way to accumulate all the photos you've taken throughout the day into one slideshow for all your friends to see; it's called a "story". There are buttons you can press which add visual quality to your pictures, these are called "filters". Filters can make you a dog. Filters will flourish the environment with bubbles and flowers. These are very prominent features in Snapchat, and are changed daily. If you really want to, you can send text messages through Snapchat as well. One thing worth noting is that there have been past interferences with the photo archives. Meaning, there are people who have gained access to what users are exchanging. It's good to keep that in mind and be diligent about the photos you send to others. I'd call this a 5 star app because it has a huge following. Most of my close friends have a Snapchat account that they'll log into daily. It's great for long-distance communication and photo sharing. There'a a chance your favorite celebrity has an account you can follow too. Snapchat is a staple in social media culture, and probably has several more years on its lifespan. Very much worth the download.
Spam accounts starting to appear
I've had two people follow me with weird names, I am assuming they are spam. Give option to report for spam! Please bring back the reindeer filter from December!! Sometimes people snap me and I can hear the audio but the video is not working so I have to replay it. Even if my phone is un muted and volume way up Add a setting option that saves the original picture with no filter/captions/ect!!! Sometimes I forget to save pic and there is no way to remove the caption. Or add an option to edit snaps you've posted already that way I could remove the caption/filters and then save it Make a filter that shows the title of the song that is playing on your phone!! We need a button that loads all the snaps! I hate having to go through and press everybody to load their snaps Idk if I am just fat or what, but when I try to use filters with two people I can hardly fit us both in where the filter works right. Idk what I'm doing wrong. I don't get why I cant turn the screen on the side to have more space and still be able to use the filters! Add a self timer button, or a 'record for me' button. Sometimes I want to switch hands while I'm showing or comparing something and at the moment I can't.
Best app
I love everything about this app such as filters and the simple texting . I stopped using my camera that came with my phone cuz snapchat was so addicting and I just saved everything on there . Love the bitmoji idea it's so cute having those little guy and seeing bitmoji that actaully look alike to the person in real life . I recommend u get this app because it's for all phone users and u don't have to worry about typing in a long username u can just scan there snapcode and add them . 3 years ago I use to hate this app because it couldn't save messages but I kind of like that they added save since there is no point of just saving something like a simple hi but people that want to save everything in there convo just save it. Lastly whenever I check my update and see that snapchat is on that list I tap that button faster as I ever can to see what snapchat came up with . I could rant more about this app let me save my thumbs for typing all this .
Snapchats and Glitches
Starting off, I love snapchat! I use it almost every day. I've been a user since way back when and I've loved every update hat comes out.. the only issue I have with the app is it glitches all the darn time! When I comment on someone's story and then I go to text then back and see what they replayed it glitches out and doesn't show me and stays like that until I reboot that app. This is upsetting and puts you in an awkward position to be like "hey.. so um I didn't see what u said because snap glitched out..". Another thing is I've been starting to see when someone snaps me it doesn't load or doesn't let me open their snap! It's upsetting and I don't know how to fix it. It really bothers me and I just want to go on snap and have the app run smoothly like everyone else does. I do Love it, but there are just some adjustments that need to be made :)
Really great!! But.....
Dear Team Snapchat, Don't get me wrong, I love Snapchat. But there are a couple things that could be added or changed. First of all, there is A LOT of inappropriate content in the Discover section. Maybe their should be a filter option to block inappropriate content and/ or profanity. Second, please allow videos longer than 1 minute to be shared/ posted. I made a 2 minute long slideshow video and I wanted to send it to my friend, but I couldn't because it was too long! Please fix. Lastly, I would like to be able to add friends by their real name, not just their username. When people want to add me, I have to spell out my entire username for them and it just gets really tiring. It would be more efficient to just type in a friend's name. I hope you consider my ideas. Thanks for reading!
Snapchat ideas
Snapchat is wonderful as it is but I would like to give a suggestion...I would like to be able to have two accounts to log in at once so it's easier to move back and forth I have a photograph snapchat and my personal one it's just a hassle to log in and out again and again won't just help me ...maybe couples would like to know what there spouses do on snapchat too or parents for there's kids to control them and me because I have two accounts to share with people my please take in on consideration and for our next update put in 2 account log ins thank you snapchat you are the best !!! And maybe one day I can work for you guys I love technology and especially apps I'm a high school student at banning high school in California!!
Very good right right now, but could be better
I love Snapchat. I use it every day! Memories is awesome. The option to read magazines, take pictures and still talk to your friends is awesome. It's a well built app. But I have an idea. I really think that there should be an option to "❤"'someone's individual story posts. If you have a heart in the bottom right hand corner, it's easy to look at the story, click the screen if you want to pass it and click the heart if you want to like it. Also, when you use the drop down box to see who has seen your stories, there will be a heart on the right hand side of the screen next to the names of the users who liked your stories. You can see who saw and didn't like, and who did like. Please let me know what you think about this idea! Thanks!!
One of my favorites
Snapchat is one of my favorite social media platforms. But there are a few things. 1. Bring back visible best friends. I love the emoji thing but I truly miss being able to see others' best friends. I'm always wanting to know how high I am on people's best friends, and if I'm even on it. Because there's no emoji to say if someone is your best friend, but you aren't theirs. 2. Let us choose how many best friends we have. I liked having 3, maybe 5, but for some reason I have like 7 or 8. Basically everyone I snapchat with. It doesn't make any sense when everyone is your best friend. Other than that there isn't anything I can think of that I don't like about this app. It's a unique concept that generally keeps getting better.
LOVE IT but...
Snapchat is so addicting ... I LOVE IT. I go on it 24/7 and it's so much fun and a perfect idea. I love streaks. But I hate that you can't change your username. Musically does it where you can change it once a month. I'd like that at least. My usernames from when I was very young and it's childish. But, if I were to make a new account, I'd loose all my streaks and all my points and some friends. Also, I actually like that you can't do group chats bc those get so annoying. Also, auto scroll is sooo aggravating because when I send a snap it scrolls me all the way up so I'm not able to respond to the person I was about click on; or worse, I'd click on someone else's name and say something I'm not supposed to...
Snapchat honestly has it MOSTLY figured out.
There are not other apps like Snapchat. Being able to send picture messages or show people what you're doing has never been easier...unlike everyone else, 5 or 6 of the discover stories I ACTUALLY USE DAILY. I really enjoy that feature. Two downsides to this while viewing FRIEND'S snap stories. It would be okay just in discover, but are within the stories is a bit much. It takes away from the whole 'play-through-all-the-stories' feature. Also, snapchat has a tendency to delete text snaps sent. You go to open them and it immediately sends you back to the message screen, and then when you slide to view the message it's gone and you have to ask 'what did you say?' Overall great app though. Keep doing.
fix snapchat and make it better.
ahem, I'd like to start off with I love snapchat and I'm on it 24/7. I love my streaks and I have over 100 of them. But, I have a few problems. 1. the filters,, snapchat only puts on like 2 or 3 filters that make you look good and the rest are to make you look funny, put on more filters that make you look good. 2. snapchat only allows you to send to a limited amount of people, there shouldn't be a limit. 3. snapchat always glitches out and it will take one persons conversation and cover whosevers conversation, and you can't see what the person said. 4. after a few hours, snapchat decides to open your snapchats by itself and it makes me mad. please change these things snapchat xoxo
Yea, about the streaks ...
Alright so, Snapchat is pretty cool in general, but i feel like there should be some touch ups with the streaks. I recently lost a couple streaks w close friends, which were pretty high numbers, bc i was busy the day of, and wasn't on my phone every minute of the day like you guys think. What i was thinking was if there could be like a second chance of reviving streaks you feel.. like whoever lost the streak w someone, they could have or do like some type of thing that could revive the streak; like giving a good rating for Snapchat. I feel like that would be a really good update that would be appropriated by myself, and a lot of other people. Thanks so much.
streak button!!!
i love snapchat so much. i literally use it every day. it's by far the most used app i have. there's so many things you could do on here. the filters are lots of fun, i love the groupchats, and streaks are cool too!! however, i think there is one thing snapchat should do that would make streaks a lot more easier. i think snapchat should make a streak button where you would take a picture and then click the button and it would automatically send to all of your streaks. i have 107 streaks so it is hard to go through whenever i send them and click on every single one. if you guys could do this, it would be soooo much faster and more convenient. thank you!!!
Best Friends Out of Order?
I love Snapchat! But I've been having some issues with it lately. First of all I get a timer if I'm about to lose a streak, I'll snap back and forth with them a few times, and it won't go away?? Second (and my main concern) is that my best friends are messed up. There's one person on my best friends list that doesn't have the best friend emoji. Then there are 2 or 3 who aren't on my best friend list but do have a best friend emoji. And I have a yellow heart (each other's number one bf) with my #2 best friend. So I'm just wondering if the best friends are kind of out of order or if it's a bug or something. Plz fix!
I love Snapchat! But I Got Locked Out.
I swear I wasint spamming, using bad language or sending any mean/inappropriate content but my friend blocked me on her phone because she thought I started a rumor about her (that I did not) and she was cussing too in chat at me and then I told her to calm down and I was about to go on snapchat and it says "you have been locked out of your account please visit our website for more details" so I did I'm reinstalling the app right now like it said I should. I just checked it and I'm still locked out I'm trying too on another device but it still says I'm locked out so I don't know how to fix this. Did she block me what happened?
Для тех у кого проблемы.
1 не можете зарегестрироваться. Значит не подходите по возросту. 2 не те линзы как на картинке. Эти линзы, которые на картинке ПЛАТНЫЕ. 3 Нет линз. Зайдите в снэпчат. Откроется камера. Нажмите на значок снапа. Откроется ваш профиль. В верхнем правом углу будет значок настроек. Нажмите. Найдите надпись - ,,Полнзные серверы" под ней надпись-,,Настройки" нажмите. На верху будет написано -,,Фильтры" и рядом квадрат. Нажмите на него и разрешите доступ к вашему мемто положению. Есть вопросы обращайтесь!
Вы идиоты?
Для начала, люди, которые пишут, что у них не включаются линзы, проверьте версию вашего андроида. Ясным шрифтом написанно, что линзы открываются от 5.0, если у вас айфон, линзы не идут на 4 и 4s. Я вот не понимаю, для чего жаловаться на то, что не включаются линзы и занижать оценку приложению? Выявите проблему в гугле, или вы не додумались? Выбивает снэпчат? Кажется, там должно быть обновление на более познюю версию. Боже, откуда вы такие беретесь? Отличная социальная сеть.
Есть одно но..
Приложение отличное,если у тебя есть там друзья.Но у меня такая проблемка..когда то по глупости поставила имя пользователя просто так,все раскрутилось,теперь там у меня много друзей и новый делать очень не хочется.Еще эффекты не работают и нет многих эффектов.Разработчики,сделайте пожалуйста так чтобы можно было изменить имя и исправьте проблему с эффектами.Буду очень благодарна и поставлю 5 звезд.Зареннее спасибо.)))

Сохранять полученные фото жутко неудобно!!! Фильтров для такого разрекламированного приложения очень мало. После закрытия приложения невозможно заново просмотреть переписку или полученные файлы. Недостатков много, над приложением еще работать и работать, поэтому ставлю 4, хотя с трудом тянет на 3!!! P.S. Почитал комментарии и удивился хамству разработчиков, пользователи пишут, а ответа нет!

Имя поиск что бы меня найти, не принимает почему, имя 3 раза менял, Грузит больше 5 минут безтолку, Грузит долго номер подтвердить в конце ок не выходит 3 попытки, пишет не удаётся подключить серверу, viber в любых условиях работает и регистрация, так же snepChat как viber могли сделать регистрацию, поиск только Америка, чат только Америка, как понять поиск друзей???
Вы все пишите что это для АЙФОНОВ!Вы ПРИДУРКИ!Это для всех устройств.Ну фирм всмысле. У меня андроид!!!И что бы вам подошёл снап чат вам нужна версия андроида 4.3.3. .у меня версия 5.0.1!Просто заходите в снапчат,и удерживаете своё лицо!Лицо может распозноваться ДОЛГО.НО ПОСМОТРИТЕ ВЕРСИЮ СВОЕГО АНДРОИДА,ПРЕЖДЕ ЧЕМ СКАЧИВАТЬ , И ГОВОРИТЬ ТАКОЕ.ИДИОТЫ.
Очень классное 5из5. Обновляется само,можно добавлять друзей и им писать. Даже можно добавить наклейки. Это очень прикольная игра. Видео можно снимать, линзы тоже можно снять надо на самый конец навести где нету не какого снапа. Все легко найти ну только если я долго в нем лазию он вылитал сначало а потом он перестал . А так. Классное приложение!!
Те кто не умеет пользоваться этим значит у вас плохое устройство на которое в скачиваете снапчат у меня токое было а сейчас у меня зомечательнай телефон и у меня всё работает а без не поладок с кемто я думаю отлично и просто класс эсли у вас нет неполадок скачивайте очень смешно и весело там очень классные смешнае рожицы так что афигенно!!!!!
Ребят, вы чего!
Да, приложения для общения тоже, поэтому и требует авторизации. Сложно зарегистрироваться? Чтобы сохранить нажмите (сохранить) потом выйдите из режима сохранения и редактирования и Свайпните вверх, дальше разберетесь. Чтобы эффекты появились удержите палец на своем лице. Приложение хорошее, верните нормальные оценки!
Исправьте пожалуйста эти ошибки: 1) не сохраняет в галерею. Просто добавьте кнопку "сохранить в галерею". 2) когда снимаю видео на LG g4c, он почему-то тут же делает экран темным, то есть меня еле видно. Именно темным, не черным, а затемняет изображение. 3) почему так жрет качество?! Вроде все, задумка классная
The only thing I have a problem with is lag and slowness,and glitches. But then it's probably because of the Android and not the app LOL. Whenever there's an update (example last update) it worked fine and fast in the beginning, then later on it started to be slow and laggy again. Even through the updates which I know you guys work hard on. I continue to keep using this app because it's awesome! I think I understand your process by Design Thinking. I appreciate the team making snapchat work better THANKS
Fix it please
If you guys are going to force us to save our stories into the app rather than our phones atleast make it work properly... I'll save the stories that I create, and they save successfully into the app but once I try to view them it completely breaks. The snapchat are either not in the same order, won't show me the whole story, or won't show me the story at all! All I have to say is those stories are memories and it would be nice to be able to save them and watch them and send them to friends or family.
S4 troubles/android ARE FIXED, REVIEW CHANGED!
I can't record while using lenses? BS! PLUS I used to be able to watch every bodies stories but now I can't because it always freezes, especially when I come across a video. I am not happy at all with this new update PLEASE FIX IT, but of course EVERYTHING WORKS ON APPLE! No love for Samsung Galaxy users? It worked great before but now I have video problems as well. And it's getting frustrating. Super laggy for android users. UPDATE: NO LAG, NO FREEZING AND CAN RECORD WITH LENSES THREE CHEERS FOR SC!
Best App Ever
I love Snapchat! Here are some things I like about it it takes good picture's, and most of my pictures from my gallery are from Snapchat. I really like how you can't write on the picture, draw, and change the color of the picture, and if your taking a video you can make it be a backward video, you can make it in slow motion and fast. I like how you can call, text, facetime with your friends and family. I love being able to see what my friends are going when I don't see them. I LOVE the face filters.
This app is literally my life! I think everyone should try this app! I am always on it and its a good way to talk to friends. My 3 fav. things about it is 1, the face things when you hold down your face and it funny faces. Idk what their called and 2, there is a built in keep safe to hide all your pictutes plus it helps save some storage and 3, the video chat. One negative thing about snapchat is it uses alot of data but to advoid that all you have to do it, turn snapchat data off in your settings.
Frustrating and glitchy.
I used to love snapchat so much, I used to use it all the time to keep in contact with my friends and family but recently, that hasn't quite been the case. Complaint #1: My snapchat freezes and logs me out quite often. I will try to take a picture or video when the app suddenly freezes and closes, but when I open the app again, it has logged me out. Whenever this happens, it decides to delete all of my memory and ever so slowly restore them, taking 10 minutes or so just to load them. It's irritating and a bit time-consuming when you have to log in over and over again for no reason. Complaint #2: My snapchat often glitches where it says I require access to the camera to log in when I haven't turned off the access. Whenever I go to try and turn the camera access back on, however, the settings for snapchat will not allow me to turn the camera access back on. Complaint #3: This app uses a lot of data and eats the battery extremely fast. This is a straight forward, flat out complaint that I'm sure most others can agree with. Complaint #4: I used to be able to watch videos all the time from my friends and snapchat stories, but recently a glitch has showed up. In this glitch, then I press someone's video snap they sent me, it does nothing. I have several video snaps from others that I cannot open for some reason. The second part of the glitch? Well, whenever I try to watch videos on someone's snapchat story, the screen shows nothing but blackness with an absence sound. Please fix up these glitches as soon as possible. I'm holding onto Snapchat by a string at the moment and I don't know how much longer I'm gonna be able to hold on.
How is this app rated 12+?
I've been using snapchat for a few years now. Initially it was a fun way to send silly low-res pictures to friends, but now it seems to have become nothing more than a profit-based social platform. While this by itself is not necessarily fundamentally or legally wrong, I do have a major (so major that my rating is 1 star) problem with the content that has been appearing without notice in the "Featured" and "Live" story sections. Things I have seen there are borderline pornographic and should in no way be accessible to twelve year olds. I have younger siblings who [thankfully] are not allowed to use Snapchat yet because my parents very wisely do not allow it yet. However, there are many, many parents out there who do not care, and you abuse this fact by openly feeding bad content to your audience, who you define as 12+ I realize that I have no power over what content you choose to display (as less scandalous material will likely lower your ratings), but I do highly suggest that you up your age range to an appropriate audience before you "accidentally" put something too bad up and have to deal with hundreds or thousands of lawsuits. Please, consider the influence you can have. Do the right thing. P.S. I have recently received a message saying that I am using a 3rd party application with Snapchat, which can result in my account being banned. This is not true and should be fixed before I am banned for no reason.
One sided pathetic social media
I absolutely live the idea of snapchat. I love to communicate and spread friendship and love through my community with new friends and old. However it is So embarrassingly pathetic how media biased snapchat is. It's a bunch of uneducated or misinformed adults talking about political issues they haven't done enough research about. I am a young 20 year old women. I am pro-life. I believe a women doesn't have the right to "terminate her baby" snapchat. I don't wanna see in every one of snapchats stories to vote, or joint groups, for anybody to save a "woman's choice". And to make abortions legal. If you are going to put something in so vaguely like that, you obviously know nothing about the topic to back up your reasoning. Explain what an abortion is and the procedure. Also explain how Planned Parenthood thinks it fine to abort an baby right up to its due date. Put in why you believe it; explain yourself for your younger viewers who's only source of political experience is this "fun" app. So at least they can understand what you are stating. Or please do not post anything. The snapchat stories are full of vulgar sexual and liberal pictures and clips. Quit making social media one sided and biased. Also remember a great majority of your audience is individuals under 18. So keep the nasty funded "ad" stories of snapchat. They are pathetic really.
Auto Scroll and Tapping Names
I was completely fine with the auto scroll occuring when I received a snap but auto scrolling when I deliver one is honestly the most annoying thing ever because when it scrolls up, I end up pressing a different name, and rather than doing nothing, it causes me to open up the message history/private chat, which means that I have to swipe back to my streaks and then scroll down again. I really dislike both of these functions because they are so inconvenient and prolong the amount of time it takes to respond to my friends. Another thing that annoys me is how whenever I manually speed scroll down, I tap someone's name to stop the scrolling, then I tap their name again so I can open their snap, but what happens rather than the snap opening up is that I open to the camera. I'm getting really sick of that constantly happening, especially because in one of the older versions of snapchat, the double tap to camera feature only worked when the screen was unmoving (was not scrolling). I had decided not to update for a couple months and then when I did finally update, snapchat became so annoying and I would have most likely deleted it or neglected it if it weren't the only way for me to communicate with some of my friends. So all in all the past updates leading up to this one have progressively made me more and more annoyed and frustrated with the app.
When Snapchat first came out, it was such a blast to send funny pictures to friends and laugh about them later. Then the filters came out and made it so much better. However, the discovery portion of Snapchat has gotten out of hand. I understand in order to make more money, advertising needs to happen but that doesn't mean I want to see what is happening with the Kardashians or what the best sex moves are. This is ridiculous. If people want to see this, have them choose to see this. The only option for those of us that don't want to fall into the hyper-sexualized world we live in, is to delete the app. I have deleted it and have had it deleted for months. The pictures and articles found on the discovery page are pornographic in word and image. There are so many children and young people with moldeable minds that are being taught that sending nudes, promiscuity and being more "sexy" in bed is the only way to have a healthy sexual relationship. This is not how the rising generation should be receiving their sex education. Snapchat has turned from a fun innocent social app to a money hungry conglomerate that is normalizing the objectification of humans. I will download and give a better review again when the discovery section is optional. This one small detail really tanks this potentially great app.
Listen up Snapchat.
I used Snapchat for a couple of years, and I always really enjoyed it. I think Snapchat was a wonderful idea! However, recently the Discover Stories have gone from bad to worse. I never looked at the Discover stories, as they had their own page, separate from the Stories page where you view your friends' snap stories. It was great when you didn't have to see the Discover stories if you didn't want to. However, there is no longer a separate page for the Discover stories, and they are displayed in all of their glory right next to your friends' snap stories. This *really* bothers me, particularly because they are quite frequently (actually on a daily basis) vulgar & filled with sexual content. I don't want to see that on the stories page, and judging from many other reviews I read, a lot of Snapchat users don't want to either. I always loved Snapchat before, but I actually deleted the app because of this reason a couple of months ago. I see that many other people feel the same way, and I think Snapchat should listen to this criticism, and not force-feed the disgusting Discover stories to their users. If this is ever changed, I will happily re-install the app. But until then, I'm enjoying my life Snapchat-free. :)
Love the App Hate the Discover
I use snapchat daily. It's a great way to catch up on what people are up to in their story. I mostly use it to share things that are not quite interesting enough for instagram, but still worth sharing with a few people. Which happens a lot! My only issue with the app is the discover "newsfeed" that shows up at the bottom of my unseen stories. This honestly wouldn't be a problem if I could customize what I see there. But the problem is the stupid raunchy photos of celebrity "nipslips" and sex advice that is always showing up across there. If I could choose to remove/block certain news outlets (dailymail cosmo etc) I would give this app a 5 star. But because I can't customize the one part of the app that I spend the most time in, I think that the company is prioritizing money over the users. And that merits a bad review in my opinion! Overall I like the discover newsfeed! It was great for the election news and current things going on. I just don't want to see certain outlets but there is no way to block them. I hope my review helps Snapchat make their app more user friendly!
Please fix
I keep getting timers on my streaks and I know for a fact that we have both snapped each other today. Also I lost streaks and it was totally gone and then the next day they were back. I don't know what's going on with that but please fix it. Also I now have come to find out the other person isn't losing the streak only I am. I lost a 97 day streak yesterday with my best friend and we are always snapping so that didn't make since to me but I texted her to say we lost it and she replied with a screenshot of her screen that had my name with a 98 day streak there. So basically instead of adding a day to my streak snapchat too the entire thing away. Instagram doesn't have the streak thing going on in it's dm section but if we push for it I'm sure they would add it. And I could use that to talk to my friends. Snapchat was my favorite app to use and I've never had any problems with it before but this out is a BIG problem for me because I have 60+ streaks and over half of them have timers or have disappeared. Please fix this and give me my streak back. Thank you! ~Kaylee
new update
I have begun to hate snapchat more and more because they never listen to the customer and any opinions and they keep making these updates but they never actually fix the bugs. For example at random times after I take a picture or something the app crashes or my camera just goes black. Another thing that is REALLY annoying is when I get a snapchat and it gets opened without me even tapping it to open it so I have to alway ask what that person said which gets really annoying and it has been happening more often. As you can see snapchat with every update your reviews are getting more and more negative which does not look good on your part. So, please fix these things and listen to your costumers. And one last thing the discovery thing is really and waste of space and the live stories and I hate how you have to look at every single story and I can't just choose who's I want to view. ALSO BRING BEST FRIENDS BACK! I feel like all of the reviews are complaining about the same things over and over so fix these things and the reviews will be better! UPDATE: i have lost 3 streaks
Annoyed and dissapointed
So I don't really use Snapchat as much as other kids my age around me do. However, I do use it relatively often. One thing that's been annoying me is that streaks are lost randomly. Snapchat will acknowledge that you did text them that day, and even give the days streak. No hourglass emoji will show up, and suddenly, you've lost your streak with someone. I should be on about my 40 something-th streak with someone. Instead, I have a zero day streak with them. Please fix this, because I would like to keep memory of that person and reach super bffs with them, and that's impossible when this app continues to glitch. It happens for my friend too, on the receiving end. Another thing that annoys me is that the snap stories won't even be put in order, or even put up at all. You can reload the page, and it'll still be empty afterwards, but there'll be the stories at the bottom of the page, and they can be updated from less then a minute and you'll never know, because it won't load.
Only complaint is the unfriendly media blitz
Really beginning to get frustrated with the pinned stories, articles, and slideshows from media groups. It's not that I don't appreciate some of them, or wouldn't want some catered to my taste, but the selection is terrible. I'd appreciate pages that lined up with my taste (like maybe shoes! Or more political pages!) and I'm sure others would as well for their own favorites. The current ones are obnoxious, and quite honestly, I don't give a two cents worth of crap about what Kylie Jenner or Kim Kardashian are doing, both of whom seem to be subjects of obsession. I understand that this is advertising, and SC has to make money, but can it be in a way that benefits the users in a more flexible way? And not just the Jenner/kardashian empire and a select few of people? Come on Snapchat you're better than that. There is also a lot of younger kids that use snapchat these days and the ads talk about stuff that is definitely "adult"
I have an iPhone 6, and it is not nearly low on storage. Ive used snapchat for years and it's never done this before, but lately it's been crashing. A LOT. And I dont just mean the app. It crashes my entire phone. Makes it restart. My phone has no issues with anything else, and i've never jailbroken. It just keeps crashing. The worst of it is when Im at a low(ish) battery (like 40%), and it shuts down my phone completely. It won't let it turn back on, and it says I need to plug it in because of a low battery. This is extremely inconvenient when I don't have a charger around, because it won't let me power on my phone! (I have talked to apple, and they've said my phone has nothing wrong with it. This only happens in snapchat.) This app has pretty much turned into a little virus for my phone, and the snapchat team really needs to shape up. My phone isn't old. This shouldn't be happening. Please fix this.
Muffled voices and sounds while recording a video, fix it please.
Just updated Snapchat but now whenever I record a snap video I can barely hear anything... which is annoying because before I updated I could hear everything perfectly. I've been using Snapchat for years and have never had this problem and I also have never given such a low rating to this app EVER. In fact, if I haven't been using this app for many years I would have given it Zero stars but because over the past years this app has been good to me & now that they have memories which gives another source to save pictures/videos instead of iCloud, which isn't trustworthy at all (I'm pretty unlucky with phones and I've had many close calls with losing all of my pictures b/c of iCloud). Snapchat memories keeps me from losing everything and every cherished picture/video of my growing nephew, so the memories option has saved this review from receiving a very low rating, I gave it 3 stars.
Discovery is Ruining My Experience
Discovery is CONSTANTLY displaying images of half covered women. And I am so tired of it. I can't even go on there without seeing it. My little brother uses this app-- he's only 9! Going on there and seeing women with their butts completely on display. It's inappropriate. It's unhealthy. He's going to get addicted to porn because of this constant exposure. As well as all the little girls who flip through COSMO and read about what "sext" best fits your sign! What even is this?? And also don't forget to add the fact that everything on there is full on liberal. It's ridiculous. Shaming the American president-- GET OVER IT! I am so tired of the lack of perspective. There is literally no perspective or consideration and it's disgusting. I love snapchat to talk to friends and post stories, but I want to quit snapchat because of the unremovable Discovery feature.
I've always loved Snapchat and I'm constantly on it, I have over 60 streaks with my friends, but half the time I don't even receive half my snaps. The glitch keeps me from viewing snaps I receive, for example when I look at my lock screen it shows me all of my snap notifications I receive but when I open the app those snapchats aren't available to me, it shows that the person who sent me something still hasn't opened my previous snap. I'm at the verge of ending all of my streaks and delete the app because of how ridiculous and frustrating this has become. Also there's a glitch to where the snap chats I've received will appear as if I've opened them when I have not, keeping me from ever seeing/knowing what was sent to me from my friends. I really hope Snapchat figures these out because I really would enjoy using the app more if it worked properly.
Это приложение очень очень хорошее,мне нравится только пожалуйста с каждым обновлением оставляйте маски,а то иногда мои любимые маски исчезают каждое обновление. А так это приложение одно из моих любимых,исправьте пожалуйста♡ В этом обновление мне нравится очки и ужастики и огонь. Пожалуйста оставьте это в следующем обновление. Процветания вам)) и ещё исправьте чтобы можно было сохранять в галерею,тогда точно поставлю 5 звёзд) и люди сами потянутся ЗАЧЕМ ВЫ УБРАЛИ ОЧКИ С МУЗЫКОЙ???? ТЕПЕРЬ МНЕ НЕ НРАВИТЬСЯ

Разработчики, почему при каждом обновлении приложения меняется набор масок? Какие-то удаляете, какие-то добавляете..Почему просто нельзя добавить новые?! Просто получается, что Вы удаляете таким образом те, что нравятся!!! Например была маска чувака в кепке и золотых очках, буквально через неделю при обновлении приложения она пропала!!! И так со многими..Почему на ios есть все маски, а на android Вы постоянно меняете не увеличивая количество? Ну вот опять удалили половину масок... Хоть не обновляйся..
Звонки и видео звонки, история чата
При звонке когда прикладывает телефон к уху потухает экран, это правильно, а когда наоборот отделяешь ничего не происходит, так же все в черном экране и нет кнопки завершить разговор. Сделайте проще, зачем трудности, красота вся заключается в простоте использования, берите пример от apple. Видео звонки это еще хуже, собеседник меня не видит, а я его вижу или бывает наоборот. Истории часа не сохраняются, это еще один минус. Успехов вам, как все пофиксите, будет 5 баллов!

Очень крутое приложение. НО, во-первых, с новым обновлением нельзя сохранять фотографии в галерею. Это очень плохо. Во-вторых, почему горизонтально можно фоткать только тогда, когда вы держите телефон в правой рукой? Многим неудобно... В-третьих, добавьте побольше эффектов, было бы круто. Но самое главное, сделайте, чтоб фотографии можно было сохранять в галерею на телефон. Пожалуйста, исправьте все недочеты в новом обновлении. Заренее спасибо...
Я что заканчивал Оксфорд что бы это все найти ?? Вот так мне объяснили, что бы найти там рожецы
Там Кароч когда зашел в камеру, есть вверху посередине маленькое типо привидение, нажмешь на него, потом после того как нажал вверху справа появится кнопка настроек, надо нажать на нее, потом найти "воспоминания", потом нажать на "только на фотопленку" И потом когда это сделал, выходишь обратно к фильтрам, фотаешься и внизу слева будут кнопочки, нажмешь на кнопку после 3, и оно сохраниться, правда долго будет первый раз сохраняться, но ты дождись

В первый раз решила скачать снэпчат и очень разочаровалась...Думала он просто для милых фоточек,но как оказалось это приложение для общения и пришлось регистрироваться.Регистрироваться я не против,но когда дошло до введения кода код мне не пришол.Ну ладно на это я ещё могу закрыть глаза.Но потом я не смогла понять как пользоватся линзами!Я только куда не тыкала и всё в пустую...И главное снэпчат занимает столько памяти это очень обидно-.-
Ну скачал , ну установил , ну запустил , дальше интересней , пошла регистрация имя фамилия-окей , дата рождения , номер телефона , ник, почта, странно не нашел пункта место прописки и города проживания , я где регистрируюсь? В ФСБ? Подбор ников это забей , что не введи все занято , приложения для фотографий . Ну не надо столько пожалуйста ! Дальше вашей регистрации очюмелой уйти не смог , слишком много, увы...
Не появляются линзы
Хотела найти в снэпчате линзы. Скачивала и ппобовала уже раз 25 но всё их нет. Я держу жму на лицо нечего не появляетя жсу долго, очень долго,но так нечего и нет. Сетка не появляется и линзы. У многих так. На многих устройствах не получается. Исправьте пожалуйста, ато нормально работает только на айыонах, а на остальных нет. Исправбте пожалуйста, чтоб были линзы и не логало приложение.
Я решила проблему, когда фоткаетесь, сохраняйте в воспоминания, там делайте скрин и все, и никаких значков не видно) Слово разработчикам: в приложении много минусов, получается некачественное фото, проблема также в сохранении так как многим лень заходить и делать скрин, также то что нельзя пользоваться снэпчатом без интернета(не у всех он есть вне дома)

Читала множество отзывов о том, что приложение попросту не работает. Сначала не поверила, но, скачав, поняла, что это правда. Оно, конечно, открывается, но на середине регистрации перестает печатать буквы. Перезапускала сотню раз, но безрезультатно. Разработчики, исправьте, пожалуйста. Пока что, этому приложению не могу поставить положительную оценку.
До обновления был еще нормальным
НО неудобное сохранение в "воспоминания ". Какого черта оно не сохраняется? При любом случае они должны быть там сохранены, но ведь тут не так. Лучше походит "мусорное ведро ", ибо фотографии сохранить в этом приложении теперь нельзя. А еще неприятная неожиданность, я даже видео, как они называют, "линзами " не могу записать. Как всегда раньше было лучше
Ужасное приложение ! Там где нужно вводить имя пользователя ! У меня зависает ! Ужас ! Зачем вы создали это приложение ! Чтоб каждый сидел и вот так ждал пока у него загрузится ! Ждала я два дня ! И так он и не загрузится ! Создатели обращаюсь к вам - сделайте , так что бы приложение грузилось быстрее ! Пожалуйста! Умоляю вас ! А пока ставлю вам одну звезду !
Очень жаль, что...
Нельзя просматривать истрию чата - со временем она удаляется. Линзы каждый день меняются - с одной строны это хорошо, больше линз. Но бесит то, что нельзя оставлять понравившиеся сткеры (т.к. есть и очень крутые). А ещё ОЧЕНЬ ЧАСТО когда я открываю воспоминания, мне пишет "ошибка резервного копирования", и я не могу посмотреть 95% фотографий.
Просто ужасно!! Пока загрузятся все снепы порога вылетает каждые 2-4мин. Но и то, когда захожу снова, не загружает снепы вообще... Но открывает их.... Разработчики, почему вы не отвечает не на один вопрос о такой проблеме?? Удаляю это приложение только из-за того, что нет решения этой проблемы и не хотение помогать со стороны разработчиков...

Incredibly bad camera lag. It's very choppy when moving the camera around on my LG G5 and I've noticed the same from my friend with a G4. The app freezes pretty regularly, and often, it won't show my new Snaps and won't let me pull down to refresh to show them. It's insane how often this app needs to be closed and reopened to function properly. These video problems need to be solved, Snapchat. It has been months now and there are tons of users reporting the same. Just let us use our own freaking cameras to upload, at the very least. The picture quality is so much worse and way darker, anyways.